Saturday, September 18, 2010

A list I made

Ever since May 31st 2008 I've been poor. I've been poor in Troy and poor in Trinidad. I've been both happy and unhappy being poor in both locations and the one thing I've learned from it all is that I really want to be rich. And stay rich.

"One day I'll be rich and never have to put up with this shit again". I've said this to myself on numerous occasions in the recent past. Probably too much. So I've decided that I should make a list of things to help me define what exactly I mean by rich. A list that will let me know when my desires are getting out of hand: a list to which I can hold myself.

The first goal I set myself was to determine the number of items on the list before I started making it. To do otherwise would just be one small step from giving myself the freedom to append to the list at my own convenience and that would defeat the purpose of having the list. A disproportionate amount of lists have 10 items and I didn't see any particularly strong reason to buck this convention.

Anyhow: I hope to never complain, aloud or to myself, about not having enough money as long as I can afford all the items on the following list.

1. being well-fed whenever I feel like being well-fed
2. not having to worry about where I'm going to get money to pay for my primary residence
3. hassle-free transportation in my day-to-day activities
4. a comfortable mattress
5. appropriate footwear for any sport or recreational activity that I'm participating in regularly at the time
6. a comfortable chair
7. a nice computer monitor (as judged by the standards of the day)
8. regular doctor's appointments
9. nice bookcases that actually hold all of my books
10. season tickets for a professional sports team

(Despite the use of the first-person singular in the wording of these items, I would also like to extend these things to any future members of my household.)


Kate said...

rich? I think that is a very reasonable list.

Charlie said...

I'm going to make a list now. Check the Buildin' Groots site in a day or two.